exogenous endocrine intervention (EEI)


The regimen of externally-provided, steroidal (or non-steroidal analogue) sex hormones; hormone-receptor disruptors; and/or related pharmaceuticals employed by trans people for routine health care maintenance and neurochemistry regulation. A primary — and usually desired — side-effect of EEI is a semi-permanent or permanent change to morphological sex features.


“EEI” describes the process and action of introducing puberty-blocking medication, endogenous hormone-blocking medication, and/or exogenous sex hormones not otherwise produced in significant quantities by the body. EEI can either trigger a second puberty or, if earlier, freeze the initiation of an endogenous first puberty to enable a single exogenous puberty.

[NOTE: Not to be interchanged or confused with “HRT” — or “hormone replacement therapy” — which describes the regimen of temporarily re-introducing sex hormones the body once produced endogenously; typically associated with the middle-aged adult biochemistry and menopause of cissexual bodies.]

2 thoughts on “exogenous endocrine intervention (EEI)

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