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Says JENNIFER SMITH [delaviolette]:

I’m Jennifer, a mid 20s trans woman working in AmeriCorps. In college I studied evolution and, later, neuroscience. My feminism credentials include reading some of the right books and attending some of the right classes. I have a background in lobbying and science writing.

I’m a vegetarian who gardens badly, shops at the local farmer’s market, yet is still weirded out by the local co-op that sells tofu by the kilo. I spend too much time reading the comments section of transphobic articles because I really want to understand where people are coming from, even when they don’t agree with something as fundamental as my very existence. I’m secretly hoping they’ll do the same, that they’ll read trans people’s or ally’s comments and maybe change their views, just a little.

My writing will probably focus on the intersection between education, class, and cisnormativity. Also, how science is occasionally misused to oppress trans people. Take care.

Read Jennifer’s articles.

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