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Says PATIENCE NEWBURY [patienceinbee]:

I like the peach pie.

I’m pretty old — so old that Trudeau and I used to pound back spicy caesars at Expo 67 when I was about half the age that I am now. I still live in North America. Trudeau passed away in 2000. I miss that old firecracker.

Actually, I’m a hesitant scholar in some academic field (not worth revealing here) whose research and analytical skills assume a cape and a second life to bring to light what cisnormativity is, how it institutionally confines and places trans people, and why it denies the enfranchisement of trans people to be citizens on par with cis people. This project is a spin-off from the countless hours wasted on Reddit.

I could be prone to inviting guest essays and getting knee deep in the hoopla.

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3 thoughts on “PATIENCE ||| editor

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  3. Hi Patience,
    As an avid reader of “cisnormativity” i thought its about time i get in contact with you, even if its just to say “i love your posts”. I’ve been working with cisnormativity ever since i stumbled across Bauer et al’s 2009 paper last year. I’m currently working on a couple of projects and id love to talk with you via email. Firstly, would you like to talk? and secondly, whats the best way to contact you?

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