Our writers

The Cisnormativity blog critically confronts several subtopics — among them, cisnormativity, homonormativity, heteronormativity, cissexism, trans enmity, trans misogyny, acts of cis supremacy, and the language of gender (including its dialects and accents).

In addition, newer ideas will be explored here — such as trans-balling & trans-lining. These are portmanteaus of “trans” and either “blackballing” or “redlining“, respectively (in which one trans demographic impedes upon the institutional, social, and economic accessibility or enfranchisement of another trans demographic). Social-institutional barriers inherent to and problematic for trans citizenship, social parity, and social justice are likely to be examined.

We also have some whip-smart writers.


MONICA MALDONADO ||| contributor
ERICA INCHOATE ||| contributor
TIM CHEVALIER ||| contributor
CAT F ||| contributor
CLAIRE HOPKINS ||| contributor
JENNIFER SMITH ||| contributor

5 thoughts on “Our writers

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  4. Love’d Ira’s post on genderbread model. Am very interested in the discussion there of sexual orientation, how we define orientation, attraction etc. So much more complex than people (myself included) and so important to explore. Thanks!

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