A side discussion on Tumblr about ”WBW” rage.

So where might the root of “WBW” rage be originating? Especially towards trans people? Patience Newbury has an idea, unlikely as it might sound.

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Cisnormativity uses its Tumblr page for impromptu thoughts and scraps of things we find wherever, or stuff readers have sent to us which return to how cisnormative social conditions, geographies, or just everyday situations shape, direct, and confine the way we are able to move as trans people.

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Harmful ubiquity: introducing Cisnormativity

|||| Patience Newbury

Cisnormativity has thus far been raised all of once in scholarly peer review.

That paper, co-authored by a team in Canada (called the Trans Pulse Project), was drafted not so much by queer theory scholars or other social science disciplines. Rather, this paper came from empirical field research by registered nurses and social workers who work with a wealth of everyday people seeking access to basic health and social care — including trans people. They invited a survey on the experiences of trans people in medicine and social services. Continue reading