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About TIM [catamorphism]:

I’m just another fat queer guy who writes open-source code for a living and daydreams in his spare time about how to make the revolution come quicker. I’m not a licensed social scientist, social theorist, or social climber, but I play one on TV.

I attended an undergraduate institution that thinks it’s a women’s college, and learned it was possible for me to be something other than a woman from “Gender, Marriage and Family” class there, at the age of 18. While that was the end of my formal education on the subject, the twelve years that followed have served as informal experiential education on the topics of gender and marriage, if not family as such.

I’m getting tired of my chosen profession because of how difficult it to function in it as someone who has an analysis of privilege and power, and how dominated it is by people who have vested interests in
remaining ignorant about such matters while professing commitment to knowledge. I’m trying to figure out where one can go to put reasoning and analytical skills to use in a way that’s guided by the higher purpose of making society a little bit more equal, especially for trans people, because leadership-from-within seems more agreeable than leadership-from-without. Until I find that place, I’ll be complaining on the Internet.

My bunnies’ names are Hilbert and Bhagat Singh.

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