MONICA ||| contributor

Says MONICA MALDONADO [transactivisty]:

I’m a queer latina trans woman in my 20s. I’m a survivor, a former sex worker, and a former addict. I don’t have a higher education, but I’ve spent more than one lifetime’s worth of time learning about privilege and power imbalance the hard way.

I moved ahead with medical intervention and EEI early in my life, and I largely consider that aspect of my life over. The unique challenges that face trans people — trans women especially — in our “post-transition” lives are of particular interest to me.

My writing tends to have a personal, yet analytical and introspective tone. I tend to ask a lot of questions, or pose thoughts to find our common ground as a group. I view the world through my lens, and my writing will likely show that bias. Additionally, my identification — which fits within the di-gender system — is likely to inadvertently color the lens I write from.

I feel very strongly that the language we use and the tone set can change lives and attitudes on a global scale, and I take that approach in my writing.

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