EDITOR NOTE: on Erica’s piece and “triggers” of denying her narrative

|||| Patience Newbury

On Reddit, after Erica’s debut piece was filed, a trans woman felt aggrieved by having to read that a girl in her mid-teens had transitioned with EEI during the pre-WWW 1990s, at an age before she herself could. I called foul on this because, quite bluntly, every trans narrative is valid, and no less valid than any other. She had no authority to deny Erica or anyone else of their trans narrative on any grounds.

Eventually, we learnt the trans woman making this grievance was not someone who voiced themselves well into their last cisnormative corridor as we expected. I made this error because the internalized trans misogyny and internalized cissexism this woman was spewing was very boilerplate to much of I’ve heard over more than half my own life from many trans women who did not get to assert their transition during one of the first three cisnormative corridors.

It was only after a little more reading before I realized this fury toward Erica was coming from a 20-year-old who first tried to say something at 13 but was denied by her parents until the third cisnormative corridor. She eventually grasped what I was trying to say. I had affirmed her trauma, but what I said to her sank in. Her response was a hope that more people might read what I was trying to tell her. While I expressed my doubt about this, I will at least try to pass it along on the Cisnormativity blog.

For those without time to read below the fold: cis people don’t want us to ever transition, no matter the corridor. Cis people stand back and watch as a faceless assailant — the endogenous endocrine system — brutalizes during first puberty the bodies of trans children who never offered consent to permit that violence to ever happen to them. It is a violence whose physical scars stay visible for the rest of their lives (and whose psychic scars remain hidden). Cis people, when they can see them, use those scars to stigmatize trans people. Cis people are complicit in allowing a violent attack to happen when they ignore a trans person’s voiced assertion to transition, especially when they are still a minor. This is why Alex Kaminsky’s heavily publicized narrative is so horrifying to watch in real time. It is akin to idly reporting on a public raping as ordered by a quote-unquote justice system. It is horrifying because it is a trauma (and even barbarism) so many trans people have survived (and so many more have not).

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From Reddit: Why trans people should not question cis gay and lesbian people.

|||| Patience Newbury

A Redditor named TeenageDarren, on the necessity for trans people to be grateful to cis gay and lesbian people for helping them in their own struggle for social-political acceptance and enfranchisement:

[This question-and-response first appeared here in a rough draft form.]

“I think the problem is that the transgendered/transsexual community is calling out or even out [sic] outright attacking prominent gay figures in the gay community.”

Indeed. Even prominent gay cis men can be dicks if they want to.

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A side discussion on Tumblr about ”WBW” rage.

So where might the root of “WBW” rage be originating? Especially towards trans people? Patience Newbury has an idea, unlikely as it might sound.

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